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We´re looking for people interested in the more obscure things in life. There will be an email in your inbox with an offer to look at some pictures of arousing character. The sender will be Darren Griffiths. Within the email is directions how to get us to contact you.

This email will most likely be caught in spam-filters so if you are interested, check your spam-mail as well.
Remember, you can be part of something most only dream of!

A Delta Green case file

No it´s not related to “go green” or environmental politics.
Cloverdale? Possibly. A closer match, at least.

Working for the government you don´t always know what is what,
or who is who. When you´re not even sure IF you work for the
government you´re bound to have even more questions.

As a newly baked operator you do what you are told. Until now.

This is where we meet DG Cell-S2

Green Box Blues

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