Darrell Crompton


Name: Darrell Crompton
Occupation: Psychiatrist
Affiliation: CDC – Research Division.
Residence: Greenville, ME
Age: 33

STR: 8
CON: 8
SIZ: 11
DEX: 15
APP: 8
INT: 14 (Idea – 70)
POW: 18 (Luck – 90)
EDU: 14 (Know – 70)

Sanity: 60
Phobias/Mental Disorders: None
Maximum Sanity: 99
Hit Points: 12
Magic Points: 12
Damage bonus: 0

70% – Psychology
60% – Library Use, Medicine
50% – Influence, Fast Talk, Pharmacy
40% – Biology, Chemistry, Forensics, Stealth

Combined Skills
Stealth (10%) – Sneak, Conceal and Hide combined
Awareness (25%) – Listen and Spot Hidden combined
Brawling (30%) – Fist/Kick/Headbutt
Handgun (20%) – Handgun/Sub-machine Gun combined
Rifle (25%) – Rifle/Shotgun combined
Influence – replaces the Contacts skill


Darrell Crompton is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Darrell made his career the easy way. By making sure the right people liked him. Darrell is ‘qualified’, but he doesn’t enjoy competition nor too much responsibility. When luck came his way through some of his associates, he was granted a position with CAD Institute in Maine processing lab results for analysis by the CDC. So long as he can get the results on time and keep his superiors happy, his pay checks come through and he’s mostly left to his own devices.

Darrell Crompton

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