Francisco Calderon


Francisco Calderon
Alias: Agent SANTANA
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Occupation: DEA Agent
Current Residence: Dallas, Texas

STR 14
CON 15
DEX 11
POW 11
INT 16 (Idea: 80)
SIZ 13 (Luck: 55)
EDU 6 (Know: 30)

Sanity: 55
Phobias/Mental Disorders: None
Hit Points: 14
Magic Points: 11
Damage Bonus: +1d4

Edges: Dirty Fighter (-15), Influence (-15)
Hindrances: Weak-Willed (10), Indebted (20)

Profile skills:
Brawling: 70%
Handgun: 60%
Stealth: 60%
Dodge: 50%
Fast Talk: 50%
Influence (DEA): 50%
Rifle: 40%
Pharmacy: 40%
Bargain: 40%
Awareness: 40%


Francisco Calderon (known as “Frank” to the Anglos he works with) is legendary at the DEA office at Dallas, Texas, for his skills at busting petty offenders and bringing down offenders with extreme prejudice. His skills and the respect he has in the local community was what convinced the DEA to qualify him as an agent despite the lack of a formal Bachelors degree (he dropped out of high school, but is working towards getting his degree as an adult student.) His fellow agents mock him for his genuine obliviousness and lack of general knowledge, but no-one mistakes him for an idiot. In the testosterone-fueled world of the DEA, he is loved and respected. He maintains an image as a fun-loving prankster, but when the fighting begins he shows his animal side.

In reality, Frank is corrupt. His taste for narcotics and young prostitutes put him deep in the pockets of the Loz Zetas cartel. They send him information on rivals and petty operators, while he subtly guides DEA investigations away from Los Zetas interests.

Here are the contents of the green box. A bit bizaare:

•One Eton FR300 emergency radio, with a hand-crank power generator, built-in flashlight, emergency siren and cell-phone charger.
•Bizarre art-deco monkey statuettes embodying “See No Evil”, “Hear No Evil” and “Speak No Evil” – as well as a fourth: “Smell No Evil”
•A 3 foot staff of silvery metal with a softball sized sphere at one end. While it can be used as an effective club, it also emits a droning sound in the presence of Deep Ones that affects their nervous system to make them dull and slow-witted (halves all their normal skills) when within 30 feet of the staff. Unfortunately it needs to be re-charged after 10+d10 rounds use by bathing the sphere in at least 1 liter of human blood or it will cease working.

Francisco Calderon

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