Holston Graves


Name: Special Agent Holston Graves
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Occupation: IRS Criminal Investigation Division
Current Residence: New York, USA

STR: 16
CON: 11
SIZ: 10
DEX: 12
APP: 11
INT: 15 (Idea – 75)
POW: 9 (Luck – 45)
EDU: 15 (Know – 75)

Sanity: 45
Phobias/Mental Disorders: None
Maximum Sanity: 99
Hit Points: 10
Magic Points: 9
Damage bonus: +1d4

Edges: Mental Resolve -20 skill points
Hindrances: Indebted (took loan from Russian mob to pay mother’s hospital bills) +20 skill points

Profile skills:
Awareness 60%
Brawling 40%
Handgun 50%
Influence 40%
Accounting 50%
Computer Use 40%
Law 70%
Psychology 50%
Dodge 40%
Persuade 60%


Holston Graves has been with the IRS for 8 years; moving straight from an internet startup company in the late 90s, to the Internal Revenue Service at a desk investigating Internet fraud. An enthusiastic sportsman, with good times in the triathlon, Holston was convinced by his team to pursue a more physical role. He applied and was successfully recruited into the IRS Criminal Investigation Division as a Special Agent. He is currently assigned to provide support for (officially) and keep tabs on (unofficially), what he has been led to believe, is a FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit, Red Cell: A team of agents drawn for all walks of life to handle serial crime and terrorist threats without direct supervision.

Green box: In the glovebox of his car Holston keeps a prescription bottle, filled with pills, only the label has been removed and replaced with a new one which is covered in alchemical symbols. The pills are sugar pills. Underneath the bottle is a note which reads; “Disposed of the Pills, leaving the bottle as evidence. H.” He’s not sure why, they were there when he bought the pickup, he is not the H in question.

Holston Graves

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