Laurel Nichols


Laurel nichols

I don’t have stats for the ITM AT-84 9mm pistol. While I’m sure I have my service weapon, having a pistol that isn’t my service weapon could be useful. The hidey hole in the green box may be important as well, and those dog tags could easily save my life!

Here’s my character:
Name: Laurel Nichols
Alias: Agent SARA
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Occupation: U.S. Marshal
Current Residence: Boston, Massachusetts, USA


STR: 8
CON: 16 [includes +1 for Brawny]
SIZ: 18
DEX: 11
APP: 5
INT: 15 (Idea – 75)
POW: 10 (Luck – 50)
EDU: 15 (Know – 75)

Sanity: 50
Phobias/Mental Disorders: None
Maximum Sanity: 99
Hit Points: 17
Magic Points: 10
Damage bonus: +1d4+1 [includes +1 for Brawny]

Edges: Brawny
Hidrances: Code of Honor

Profile skills:
Awareness 70%
Brawling 50%
Dodge 40%
Fast Talk 40%
Handgun 60%
Martial Arts(Tai Chi Chuan) 50%
Law 40%
Psychology 40%
Rifle 50%
Stealth 60%


Laurel Nichols suffers from gigantism, a medical condition that caused excessive production of growth hormone that propelled her to gargantuan proportions. At over seven feet tall, Laurel is freakishly huge, though she might have been attractive had she looked the same with normal proportions. Growing up, she was never bullied – most bullies were too intimidated by her huge frame to pick on her, and the ones that weren’t soon regretted it, as she fought back. Laurel has a strong sense of justice which led her to pursue a career in law enforcement, where her incredible size is often an advantage. After graduating from college with a degree in criminal justice, she has recently been accepted to the U.S. Marshals.


Laurel Nichols

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