Ten tips for successful Ops

1. Always have a safe house
No, staying at your mother’s house during an Op is not safe.

2. Always use code names
Your real name leaves traces that some people with bad intentions might

3. Always use coded communications
DG gave you that pre-pay cellphone, now use it.

4. Come up with a cover
Make sure the cover is verifiable for at least 36 hours under official inquiry.

5. Come up with an alibi
If you’re going to say you are door-to-door salesmen, than get some
appropiate identification from DG.

6. Come up with a plan
A bad plan is better than no plan.

7. Stick to that plan for at least 12 hours
It is not good to start improvising 10 minutes into the plan.

8. Check out the local Green Box or create one if there is none
Future agents will be very grateful.

9. The magic word of today is “rentacar”
If you need to be mobile than get a rental car. Do not use your own car (see
rule #1 and #2)

10. Celebrate life
Celebrate life the night before the Op starts officially as it might be the
last time you can do it.


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