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Disposing of Evil

The main concern of Delta Green teams is the disposal of high level evil and the mandatory secrecy they must maintain to keep the unbelieving public from the edge of insanity.

Delta Green Regulations

Rules for the teams are simple and direct . There are no guidelines for methods of operation or books of procedure. Each Delta Green agent knows there are 6 basic rules to be followed at all times.

RULE 1: Deny everything.
RULE 2: Don’t get caught.
RULE 3: Don’t leave evidence.
RULE 4: Use violence only when necessary.
RULE 5: Cover your tracks.
RULE 6: Make them believe a rational explaination for the bizarre or fantastic.

If You’re Caught

Delta Green will not legally aid the agents in any direct way that will jeopardize their secrecy or operations. Information is sent to agents on a limited basis.


Main Page

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